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Sintered bearing lubrication

FluoroSurf FS-1010TH-0.2

This is a non-flammable solvent type water/oil repellant from Fluoro Technology company in Japan. It has the following characteristics:

It forms a strong film on the coated surface with low surface tension, which repels water and oil and stops creeping of oil, resin and solder paste.

Film thickness ranges from nano- to micro-meter level for different applications.

Simple application via dipping or brushing, with drying time of 5 seconds under room temperature. 

Non-flammable solvent and non-toxic, which keeps a good work space.  It is also compatible with resin type materials.

Applications of FS-1010TH-0.2 include:

prevent oil leakage from micro motor

oil barrier for FDB of HDD

prevent oil creeping around disk head of HDD or optical head of DVD

Technical Documents
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