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The use of lubricants in forging fabrication is for friction reduction, thermal barrier, and anti-adhesion between the mold and the metal work piece, and most importantly function as the releasing agent which releases the work piece from the mold. For different types of working conditions, Dulub offers varieties of releasing agents.


DUFORGE GWD20 is a water miscible release agent mainly for ferrous metal hot forging process. This is a graphite dispersion with functional additives offering efficient lubrication to protect die surfaces.   DUFORGE GWD20 is supplied in concentrated solution to be stable for longer period storage.  It is diluted with water, which is cost effective as well as environment friendly.  It is important that the hardness of water has to be taken care of, to avoid the residue from the hardness which will impair die life.


DUFORGE GOD21 is an oil-base graphite concentrate dispersion.  Graphite together with oil means it is for difficult forging process.   DUFORGE GOD21 is excellent in wear protection and lubricity.  It allows metal flow to reach tricky corners in difficult mould design.       


DUFIRGE GOE34 is a water miscible release agent, mainly for hot forging process of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.  The emulsified oil film enhances graphite’s wetting and lubricating properties.  It is prepared with functional additives which offers efficient lubricity to protect die surfaces.   DUFORGE GOE34 is supplied in concentrated solution to be stable for long period storage.


DUFORGE GOP43 is an oil-base graphite paste.  It is an efficient anti-sticking paste, and can be easily applied by manual process.   It is used when fluid type release agent cannot meet the requirement and in emergency cases.


DUFORGE WWD38 is a non-graphite and non-emulsified water miscible release agent.  It is clean and cost-saving, and therefore an alternative for clean and not-difficult forging process. It can be applied by spray gun, also can be added into lube bath of a continuous system.


DUFORGE WOE53 is a non-graphite emulsified water miscible release agent for clean forging process.  Without graphite, the so-called “white graphite” together with oil still offers excellent release action, no sticking, less rejects, good wetting, no fume and smoke, non-toxic and cost saving.   DUFORGE WOE53 is designed mainly for steel hot stamping and continuous forging process.  Dilution ratio can vary by die temperature, work piece weight, alloy type, machine type and mould design.

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