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Die-casting process

Release agents

All that required as a release agent are no-sticking, longer maintenance cycle, low fume and smoke, as well as low rejects.

We recommend :  Dulub DUCAST 20SW

It’s a water-borne mineral base high-viscosity emulsion with EP additive.  The excellent lubricity improves metal flow, and thus yields a smooth surface finish.  It's supplied with 20% active content, and has to be diluted with water before applying. Many factors including die temperature control and mould releasing angle all play their roles in changing the dilution..

Plunger lubricants

A plunger lubricant has to be good load-carrying, less fume,  good wetting (spreading), as well as no residue left.

We recommend :  Dulub DUCAST PL530

DUCAST PL530 is a highly synthetic base fluid additivated with EP.  The excellent film strength makes it possible to lubricate severe conditions even at high load.

For high pressure aluminum die-casting, we recommend the modern replacement for traditional “fluid” lubricants: 

Dulub DUCAST PP300

It is granulated lubricating powder which melts under high temperature inside the injection chamber.  It offers good lubricity, no oil vapor contamination, no fume or smoke, and no hard-residue accumulation.

Paste for underlubrication


DUFORGE GOP43 is an oil-base graphite paste.  It is an efficient anti-sticking paste when fluid type release agents can not meet the requirement and in emergency case.

Ejector pin lubricants

To meet the requirement of high-temperature and wear-resistance for ejector pin, we recommend:


It is an aerosol spray packed with dark metallic paste, for sliding surface under high temperature. Together with a stable base fluid, GALITE 1400 Spray has some unique features of fine thin layer, good penetrating, low odor and long lasting.

Assembly pastes


ASSEMPASE BN is a white smooth homogeneous paste to be used as protection film at highly loaded mating zone.  It prevents damage caused by fretting movement (micro-vibration.


Technical Documents


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