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Stenter frame machine

High-temp chain oil

The chain system of a stenter machine runs continuously under high temperature.  Its lubrication needs would require good lubricity, good penetration, non-carbonizing and good adhesion to achieve a longer chain-system life.

For that, Dulub offers:    Dulub HOTENLINK KTN-351      (-30/180/220 ℃)

KTN-351 is a special fluid to be used as a high-temp chain oil. The superior thermal stability of its base oil is a great advantage under high-temp situation without carbonizing. In the meantime the good lubricity and penetration ensures lubrication of chain-links, as well as rail and chain block. Also, the good adhesion, less evaporation, and anti-corrosion makes it the best partner for stenter machines.

High-temp chain grease

The block type chain is lubricated by grease, normally maintained annually.  A reliable grease is a must in order to work for one whole year under a temperature range as high as 250℃ in the chambers. 

For this function, Dulub offers:     Nye UNIFLOR 4622R     (-20℃~250℃)

Nye Uniflor 4622R is a PTFE thickened PFPE oil, heavy viscosity completely fluorinated grease, intended for severe service mechanical devices.  It gives good film strength at high temperatures.

Heating fan bearing grease

As the bearings of heating-fans are not convenient for frequent replacement of lubricants, one would need a high-temp grease with long working life.

For this Dulub offers:     Dulub LAGERFETT GU-986       (-40℃~210)

Lagerfett GU-986 is a specially formulated high/low temp, high speed grease based on synthetic fluid and organic polymer.  The synthetic base offers a very good thermal stability.  And due to its strong oil film, it can take high load and exhibits excellent anti-wear property.  The organic polymer thickener makes it very suitable against thermal stress attack.

Screw expanding roller

The major lubrication need of the expanding roller is dry lubrication. A spray type lubricant is recommended for ease of application. 

For this Dulub offers:  Dulub GALITE 1400 Spray

This is a spray type of GALITE 1400, which is with dark black metallic paste for sliding surface under extreme load and high temperature up to 1,400.

Technical Documents


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