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Low Friction Properties

Surface coated with FLUOROSURF has highly slippery low friction dry film.


低摩擦性コーティング剤 フロロサーフ

 ■By coating FLUOROSURF, surface of dry film of low friction properties with friction coefficient less than 0.1 is obtained.
 ■The coating film does not spread like a lubricant and does not pollute the outskirts.
 ■In comparison with conventional fluoride resin coating agent (water/oil repellent agent), 
    adhesiveness and film rigidity are higher and wear resistance has been improved.

 ■This thin and clear film does not impair the texture of the coated material.
 ■It works well as a binder of dry lubricant. (FG-5040)
 ■The non-flammable solvent type catches no fire and is safe to use. It does not attack the material.

低摩擦用途 ラインナップ

Applications Feature
FG-5040 Usable as low friction, strong film (pencil hardness of 3H), anti-fouling,
acid-resistant, rust-preventive dry lubricant binder.
FG-5080 Low friction (coefficient of dynamic friction 0.09), high adhesion,
high hardness (pencil hardness of 6-8H glass) clear thin film low-friction coat.
It’s possible to apply by wet coating or vapor deposition
FG-5090 For metal parts, High adhesion and hardenss. An invisible ultra thin film produces low friction effects.

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