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Antifouling Properties

Coating of FLUOROSURF decreases attachment of fingerprint or other various stains and allows attached stains to be easily wiped away.


防汚コーティング剤・指紋防止コーティング剤 フロロサーフ


  • ■By coating surfaces with this agent, fingerprint and other stains attaching to those surfaces decrease and attached stains can be easily wiped away. The high adhesion of the film keeps functions after the stains are wiped away with tissue paper or the like.
  • ■Coefficient of dynamic friction of the surface is low (μ = 0.09 or less) and provides dry lubricating surface.

防汚性能テスト 油性ペン書き込み

For simplicity’s sake, oil-based ink is used for this test. Fingerprint attaching decreases by coating as in the case of this ink and attached fingerprint can be easily removed.

Essential performance of antifouling coating is to prevent stains from attaching and abrasion resistance. FLUOROSURF FG-5000 series has cleared abrasion tests of more than 10000 times.

  • Fingerprint and stain components stick by the molecular force that act with the surface. (Yellow arrow in the above diagram)
  • When a FLUOROSURF is applied, the sticking force of stain is reduced and it is difficult for the stain component to stick and easy to remove it.
  • Because the molecular force is strong in the natural fibers of paper or cotton, the force works to suck up stain component. (Pink arrow in the above diagram)
  • The difference in the size of the pink and yellow arrows indicates “the level of ease in removing stain.”

  • Fingerprints consist of oil composition and the water contact angle cannot be used to express the performance of anti fingerprint!
  • The slip drop angle of oil in effect indicates the performance of anti fingerprint .
  • The slip drop angle refers to the angle at which a liquid droplet placed on a surface starts to slide when the surface is tilted.
  • The slip drop angle is determined by the sticking force of the stain and the gravitational force on the oil droplet, and the droplet begins to slide when the adhesive force < gravitational force.
  • The weaker the sticking force of a fingerprint, the smaller is the slip drop angle.

(The data comparison of contact angle with antifouling performance.)

  Water Oil ( n-hexadecane)
Slip Drop
Slip Drop
product A
117 101 42 70 66 25
110 109 9 66 64 8
  • Competitive product A:
    ➡ The water contact angle is high, but the ink cannot be wiped off.
    ➡ Slip drop angle is high in both of water and oil . This means finger print stick strong.
  • Fluoro Surf FG-5083:
    ➡ The water contact angle is not so high .
     But the slip drop angles of oil and water are both small . It is easy to wipe off oily ink.
  • FLUOROSURF is designed to have small slip drop angle of oil .
    And it is excel in substantial fingerprint prevention performance.
フロロサーフ 防汚コーティング 指紋防止 使用例

     *Prevention of Darkening of PC Key Board
     *Switch of touch sensor
     *Property modification of metal surface by surface treatment
     *Antifouling of jewelry
     *Water/oil repellent coat for vehicle body
     *Antifouling coating for vehicle aluminum wheel
     *Chrome or brass water faucet hardware
     *Fingerprint prevention on mirror and glass door
     *Fingerprint prevention and antifouling surface treatment 
      of any other products

防汚コーティング剤 指紋防止イメージ

防汚コーティング剤 指紋防止イメージ


防汚コーティング剤 フロロサーフ シリーズ紹介

FLUOROSURF Coupling type series Line-Up
(type to be combined with material)

Common features: High strength (pencil hardness of 6-9H), and high adhesion, low friction, clear thin film

  • ■The agent is chemically combined with glass, metal and various other materials at ambient temperature and forms clear antifouling film of high adhesion and hardness (pencil hardness of 6to 9H).
  • ■When coating plastic or materials other than glass and metal, pretreatment of coating the attached special-purpose primer coat helps formation of similar high adhesion and hardness antifouling film.
  • ■Silane coupling type film thickness is as thin as 10 to 30nm and causes no visual disfigurement of materials. Coating film is not peeled and the external view is not

Essential key point to produce the abrasion resistance of FLUOROSURF is the structure of the coating film. As shown in the above diagram, the coating compositions are combined with the material by tight binding reaction and the fluorine film is integrated with the material.
Product Model No. Solvent Feature
Non flammable Anti fouling, Low friction ,
High Adhesion, High abrasion resistance
It’s possible to apply by wet coating or vapor deposition
FG-5093 Non flammable Anti fouling for metal. High repellency.
Also it works as release agent for mold.
FS-2050 I.P.A Reasonable, PFPE type
Replacement from C8 Silane coupling

FLUOROSURF UV additives Line-Up
(For UV Hard Coat)

  • Adds anti-stain, low friction and low refractivity properties when used as an additive to UV hard coat agent.
  • The oil slip drop angle is low and the product excels in substantial fingerprint adhesion prevention performance.
  • When included as an additive, the fluoride component moves to the surface and exhibits its properties.
  • Compared to other competitive products, a smaller amount of additive displays its effect and provides superior cost performance.

Model No. Features
FS-7024 Low Refractive index .   Low fiction
 Low Slip drop angle ( oil 7°)   Low friction
FS-7026  Low Slip drop angle ( oil 7°)   Better Solubility  Low friction

FLUOROSURF: Polymer type series

(The data comparison of contact angle with antifouling performance.)

     * Drying : Room temperature 1-2 minutes.
     * Selectable film thickness 0.1-10 micron meter.
     * Good for Anti fouling , Acid resistance ,Anti stain, Anti rust、
Product Model No. Solvent Feature
FG-5040 Non flammable Film Hardness = 3H

Various specifications of each series are available to answer any requirements of customers.
Please inquire of our customer service section about details of each product.

Customer Service E-mail:info@fluorotech.co.jp

Our products are chemical products for industrial use.
They may have an influence on the health depending on handling manner.
For this reason, our products or their samples are not offered for personal use.
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