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Water/Oil Repellent Properties

The film of fluoride resin coating repels water and oil strongly and prevents diffusion and attachment of oil or water. This is useful for various objects.

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Fluoride resin film formed on the surface repels water and oil strongly. It constitutes a barrier against grease (prevents its bleeding), prevents water and oil from diffusing or attaching and protects surfaces from fouling. The fluoride resin film provides diversified merits.

Water/oil repellent pattern diagram

撥水・撥油 模式図

Oil Barrier diagram
オイルバリヤ 模式図

撥水 撥油アプリケーション 応用例


    *Water/oil repelling and fingerprint prevention on touch panel
    *Metal surface treatment/property modification 
    *Prevention of mini-motor bearing oil flow-out
    *Oil barrier for HDD fluid dynamic bearing (FDB)  
    *Prevention of lubricating oil from moving to HDD magnetic head
    *Prevention of oil from moving to DVD or optical lens
    *Protection of electric contact from low molecular silicone
    *Prevention of encapsulation resin from attaching to capacitor lead wire
    *Prevention of flux from bleeding up to connector or electronic components
    *Printed wiring board water repellent and moisture-proof coating
    *Undiluted waterproof spray solution
    *Water repelling and waterproofing of silk and cotton fiber

撥水撥油性用途 フロロサーフの特徴と代表的ラインナップ

Many choices are available for FLUOROSURF to meet your purposes.
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  • Just coat the agent to acquire strong water/oil repellent properties. Soaking or bleeding of liquid or fouling can be prevented by the functional coating.
  • Non-flammable, low-toxicity solvent can be safely handled. This is not subject to the Fire Defense Law, Industrial Safety and Health Law and PRTR Law.
  • The agent dries at room temperature. You may select the drying time between 5 seconds and 30 minutes.
  • Mounted components or plastic parts are not affected.
  • Film thickness can be adjusted depending on the purpose. You may select resin concentration.
  • You may select non-flammable solvent according to your purposes (contact us for details).

不燃性溶剤タイプ 代表的な製品ラインナップ

Series Typical Application / Feature Contact Angle
FS-1020    Anti Acid, Better hardness (Pencil Hardness HB) 115°
FS-1040    For Textile like a cotton or silk. leather Oil repellency and anti fouling 120°
FS-1060    Oil Barrier, Resin barrier, Flux Barrier , High Contact Angle 120°
FG-5080    Silane coupling . High Adhesion to glass and metals. Low friction 110°
FG-5040    Better hardness and adhesion. 105°

Only representative FLUOROSURF products are presented here.
A diversity of products may be offered to meet any requirements.Please inquire of us about details.


Our products are chemical products for industrial use. They may have an influence on the health depending on handling manner. For this reason, our products or their samples are not offered for personal use. We would like you to accept such our intention..




  • The agent can be diluted to about 10 to 20 times with water or ethyl alcohol when using.
  • Film thickness can be adjusted by changing the dilution ratio.
  • The agent dries at ambient temperature, forms water and oil repellent film of fluorine resin and repels water and oil. This film may not soluble to water.
  • Antifouling function and bleeding grease/resin blocking function can be obtained.
  • The agent can be easily coated by dipping or using a brush.
  • As the resin concentration can be selected, film thickness can be adjusted according  to purposes.
  • No surfactant is used and environmental contamination needs not be worried.

水性モデル ラインアップ

Product Model No. Properties Ionicity Curing
Water Contact
FS-6130 Low temperature
treatment type

Anion Not required 110° 10%



  • Cheaper than non-flammable solvent type
  • Main solvent is n-heptane and IPA of low impact on plastic and low toxic
    Not any substance subject to the PRTR Law is contained.
  • Resin concentration can be changed to obtain film thickness you require.

石油系溶剤タイプ ラインアップ

Product Model No. Solvent Film Hardness
(Pencil Hardness)
Application / Feature

FS-2040 series

n-Heptane Under B (Soft)

   Better Cost Performance

   Cloths, Fabric, Leather, Paper, Wood

   Raw material of water proof spray for cloths, shoes.

   Flux barrier (wicking stopper)

FS-2050 series

IPA 9H(On Glass)

   Silane coupling (Replacement of C8 Silane)

   Good adhesion to glass


Aceton (Mix)



   Water proof coating


超撥水コーティング剤 FS-7010(試作品)


  • Super water repellent coat of water-contact angle 160°, oil contact angle 90°, and water falling angle 2° can be easily obtained.
  • Film is white turbidity film which forms surface of  “lotus leaf structure”.
  • Coating sample board is provided as a sample of this product.

Various specifications of each series are available to answer any requirements of customers.
Please inquire of our customer service section about details of each product.

Customer Service E-mail:info@fluorotech.co.jp

Our products are chemical products for industrial use.
They may have an influence on the health depending on handling manner.
For this reason, our products or their samples are not offered for personal use.
We would like you to accept such our intention.