lube letter  從老舊的歷史檔案 見證 Nye 特殊油品的發展歷史

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1 fluoro diversity,
barrier film,
damping greases
1972 summer
2 oils for gyro spin-axis bearings,
Nyebar F,
non-spreading oil
1973 spring
3 capabilities of specialty lubricants,
elctric contact lubrication
1974 spring
4 a double-track main line to lubricant effectiveness using synthetic oils 1975 spring
5 synthetic and natural alternatives to whale oils,
the FluoroGel greases,
economics of non-wettability 
1976 autumn
6 compatibility of lubricants and plastics,
potentiometer lubrication,
fluorinated barrier film -- less creeping,
silicone FluoroGels as sealants,
metal-working pain-relievers,
fretting and fretting corrosion
1977 autumn
7 synthetic lubricants and high temperature,
multi-purpose SHC greases,
wire rope maintenance,
safe handling of lubricants,
lubricants for switches and electric contacts,
fluorinated greases for high temp and chemical resistance  
1979 winter
8 the shielded polysilicates,
rust inhibitor for indoor storage,
polyphenyl ether greases,
molybdenum disulfide colloidal spray,
multipurpose lube kit,
electrically-conductive lubricants, switch lubricants for arcing conditions
1980 winter
9 damping greases for motion-control,
RHEOTEMP 500 long-life grease for critical ball bearing applications,
high viscosity ester oil for oven chain lubrication,
ultraclean oils for system reliability,
ultraclean grease for low speed and high film strength,
dry film lubricants from brushable liquids,
variety in non-spreading oils 
1981 winter
10 a concept -- the lubricants drugstore,
FDA regulations --  synthetic lubricants for food machinery,
synergistic antioxidants improve new oils for higher temperatures,
new literature -- watch and clock oils,
low vapor pressure oils and vacuum greases,
serendipity section -- case histories,
data on polycarbonats -- plastic compatibility,
non-spreading oil for miniature gear-trains
1982 winter
11 the linear fluoroethers -- a new family of synthetic lubricants,
lubricants for stationary separable electrical connectors,
synthetic hydrocarbons for impregnation of porous metal sleeve bearings,
extended frontiers for grease filtration,
ultra-high-viscosity silicones for damping needs,
traditional petroleum-based greases for high-speed bearings,
fluorocarbon gel greases -- additions to the family,
NyoGel 713 : a specific for hypochlorite corrosion
1984 winter
12 ultrafiltration of greases for precision ball bearings,
dielectric quality in functional fluids,
NyeBar for oil creep control,
fluorinated ether greases,
thinfilm -- a screening test for greases  
1985 spring
13 optical fiber coupling geles,
a non-silicone heat sink compound,
ultrasonic coupling fluids,
dispenser containers -- flexibility in packaging,
optical fiber cable fill compound -- water blocking,
linear fluoroether grease for ball bearings in vacuum systems -- low-shear in high vacuum,
grease plating -- application techniques,
ester-based greases fo 300
oF exposure
1986 winter
14 six-ring polyphenyl ether for electrical connector lubrication,
synthetic switch grease for use in arcing situations,
immersion oils : temperature and viscosity,
alternatives for control cable lubrication,
achieving electrical conductivity in greases,
salt water resistance in a switch grease,
Cerium Fluoride fortification in greases,
Nye special cleaning concentrate
1987 spring
15 SHC provide wide range of viscosities for ball bearings,
lubricant compatibility with plastics or elastomers,
polyphenyl ether electrical connector lube in small aerosol can,
mini-dispensers for oils or greases
1988 spring
16 synthetic greases for automotive accessories -- Japanese specifications,
variations in optical coupling gels -- fine tuning the index,
the "shelf life" of lubricants,
our man in Detroit -- Brian C. Holley,
prospects for products containing chlorinated solvents,
unit costs for small amounts of expensive grease
1989 autumn
17 the "apparent viscosity" of greases,
lubricants for sensors,
the role of additives in specialty greases,
NyeBar K -- perfluorinated solvents fo oil creep barrier films,
the two faces of NyoGel 788,
problem-solving by in-house lubricant testing,
lube seminars for your engineering staff
1990 autumn
18 Ford Q1 preferred quality award,
low vapor pressure oil and grease for aerospace and computer disk drive uses,
aluminum complex grease based on SHC,
novel applications for NyeBar barrier films,
Nye lubricants meet automotive market specifications
1991 autumn
19 lubricants as design components 1992 spring
20 our man in Chicago -- Mark C. Biteler,
advanced electrical connector lubricant in an ozone-safe solvent,
new vapor pressure data on synthetic oils,
alternatives to use of chlorinated solvents,
UV signal for deposited NyeBar K films,
ISO 9002 certification a target for 1993,
the apparent viscosity of greases -- chapter 2
1993 winter
21 new testing system pre-qualifies electric switch lubes for customers,
new president takes helm at Nye -- Jerry Madden,
damping grease family grows in response to customer requests,
Nye lubes: world class reliability and performance,
"clean grease" provides better wear protection for precision bearings 
1994 autumn
22 two lubricant solutions for telecom connector manufacturers,
Nye names two new representatives in Ohio ( Jeff Lay ) and North Carolina ( Jay Weikel ) regions,
Pennzoil and Nye team up to deliver lubricants for space and other low vapor pressure applications,
many solvents / few solutions,
boost your lube IQ with new seminar,
problem solver becomes auto industry standard for connectors,
overseas representatives and agents for Nye Lubricants 
1995 spring
23 PCR names Nye distributor of custom/wide-temp/mil-spec silicone fluid,
Detroit team expands -- Roger Cady,
new fluoroether switch greases offer "more chutzpah",
new compounds improve IC chip / power transistor performance,
Nye introduces thread lubricant and sealant
1995 autumn
24 new equipment puts Nye on the leading edge of lube R&D,
Chicago office -- product development bring two more engineers to Nye --    Brad Richardson / David Stone,
ultra-clean ozone-safe cleaning solvent,
better consistency / faster delivery for grease cartridges,
product round-up: lubricants for telecommunication applications,
new high speed / high temp bearing grease,
calculating the unit cost for small amounts of grease
1996 spring
25 manufacturers tapping benefits of electrically conductive lubes,
new regional engineering manager named -- John Graham,
Nye expands small volume / specialty packaging services,
new solvents usher in next generation of electrical connector lubes,
new lube kit for OEM engineers,
new energy-saving lubricants for power tool manufacturers
1997 vol25 1
26 NyeCorr plus Graham: good news for corrugators,
conductive lubes can add operating life to machinery,
roll-change cleaning solvents 
1997 vol25 1a
27 PCR names Nye distributor of custom / mil-spec silicone fluid,
SHC rivals PFPE for space / other low vapor pressure applications,
Nye celebrates its first 150 years
1997 vol25 1b
28 high tech greases offer creative engineering solutions,
third engineer joins Detroit staff -- Derrick R. Black,
cold temp hooting: a word to the wise,
Nye receives ISO 9002 registration 
1997 vol25 1c
29 Nye takes optical coupling gels into the next millennium,
3M promotes benefits of Nye Barrier coating to automotive industry,
materials manager-Alden Skip Pierce- receives CPIM,
Nye expands production facilities,
ISO 9002 in hand -- Nye eyes QS-9000,
Pennzane update: new low vapor pressure / low-temp grease
1997 vol25 2
30 how to choose the best lubricant for electric switch contacts,
a site for sore eyes --,
Ausimont partners with Nye to reach hard disk market,
designing miniature ? think ultrafiltered,
from sea to shining sea -- Brian Cichoski / Robert Magill / Dan Shea,
new reference book for design engineers
1998 vol26 1
31 how to make consumers feel good about automotive components,
try Nye's damping greases - free
1998 vol26 1a
32 new grease for preheaters / preconditioners extends lube intervals,
singlefacer manufacturer endorses NyeCorr140
1998 vol26 1b
33 new quiet grease gets thumbs up from purdue research lab,
Nye introduces vacuum lubricants for "clean room" industries,
Nye adds electric vehicles to its customer fleet,
typical applications for NyeTorr,
first director of international development -- Fred Mock,
new distributor for Taiwan -- Formosachem Development Co. 
1999 vol27 1
34 making custom synthetic lubricants your competitive advantage,
popular gearing lubricants by Nye,
helical planetary gears -- definitely cooler
1999 vol27 1a
35 Nye unveils UniFlor and global mission for performance lubricants,
temperature / insertion force drive R&D for new connector lube,
getting most out of sintered bearings starts with what goes in,
Nye earns QS-9000
1999 vol27 2
36 UniFlor unveiled as "compelling choice" for auto OEMs and suppliers,
turning over a new - and quieter - leaf spring,
new addition at Nye automotive -- Rick Trecapelli,
new grease may change rack & pinion manufacturing process,
the case of the squealing HVAC,
a quick glance at UniFlor for automotive applications,
Nye captures QS 9000 -- starts baldrige process
2000 vol28 1
37 Nye revs up application testing services -- seeks new partnerships,
Nye revs up switch testing -- capabilities to pre-qualify switch lubricants keep expanding,
Nye revs up ball joint testing -- in search of the perfect ball joint grease,
new higher-temp ester greases,
new grease for pedal positioning systems,
Nye welcomes Leah to "major league" -- Leah Karibian
2001 vol29 1
38 new president / new corporate structure / same steady course -- George B. Mock, III,
new R&D manager keeps Nye on the "cutting edge" -- Michael Dube,
new vacuum-rated lubes shine at beta sites /move mainstream,
Nye nears commercialization of synthetic replacement for Exxon's Andok C,
REM added in Ohio -- Charles Denison,
NyeBar Q replaces 3M's Fluorad FC-722,
new PTFE-thickened damping greases boost shear stability -- prevent rust,
UniFlor converts to cell manufacturing
2001 vol29 2
39 gear lube -- Kid's stuff,
one hot greaase for Kingston--UniFlor,
cutting edge synthetic grease for gearbox -- Rheolube 363BX-1,
synthetic greases for washing machine transmissions
2001 vol29 3
40 gear lube -- full circle -- Rheolube 363F RED for worm gears of wiper,
robo grease -- Apex Dynamics,
hold the ice -- Fluorocarbon Gel 807 for freezer 
2002 vol30 1
41 new grease offers novel approach to preventing arc-related bearing damage,
Land Rover / Jaguar / Aston Martin put Nye on "the street",
lubes for Food -- NSF,
ultrafiltered grease improves precision bearing performance and life
2003 vol31 1
42 new "near universal" MIL-PRF grease -- Rheolube 374A,
switch for VW -- HongYan Electric / Rheolube 363,
UniFlor 8991MT drafted for F-15 and F-16 sorties,
tough connector grease -- Nyogel 760G
2003 vol31 2
43 new connector grease slashes insertion force / meets USCAR standard -- UniFlor 8917,
ABB promotes "Nye Inside"--Rheolube 368AX-1,
non-silicone bushing grease approved by GM--Fluorocarbon Gel 875R,
grease replaces brushes in patented alternator
2003 vol31 3
44 SmartGel enables performance improvements in photonic devices,
TOYOTA forklifts -- Fluorocarbon Gel 880,
aerospace applications push lube envelope -- PFPEs & MACs 
2004 vol32 1
45 new ball joints rely on silicone grease -- Fluorocarbon Gel 880,
Amcor Australasia using NyeCorr 140,
Nye's MIL-PRF-32014 grease : "A-OK",
Ford approves connector grease UniFlor 8917
2004 vol32 2
46 new synthetic fluid boosts performance of lubes for auto components,
12 new synthetic food-grade lubricants,
experimental grease boosts conductivity and temperature range 
2004 vol32 3
47 synthetic lubricants play a vital role in airbag performance and life,
Shell multiplies Pennzane fluids
2005 vol33 1
48 synthetics boost production efficiencies,
Rheolube 374A: coming to a jet near you ? -- Boeing
2005 vol33 2
49 electrical contact grease fills industry gap,
thermal greases: the link from source to sink,
additive study aims for more robust synthetic lubricants 
2005 vol33 3
50 antioxidants to nanoparticles: additive studies aim to boost lube performance,
SRV speeds customer prodcut development,
lab cameras offer real time webcasts
2006 vol34 1
51 from whaleships to microchips: Nye's new prodcuts for the semiconductor industry,
testing developments for electrically conductive greases,
Nye's type IV grease - 8961MT,
Nye's new director of technology -- Anthony Grossi,
Nye solution for assembly aids -- NyeFilm 501F 
2010 1st qtr
52 ultraclean lubricants: a specialized process for critical applications,
new method for evaluating the scuffing load capacity of gear oils,
2010 3rd qtr
53 how does Nye measure outgassing of its lubricants ?
Nye: the official manufacturer of six Anderol Lubricants
2011 January
54 Nye lubricants laboratory - new additions !,
FAQ: Nye general storage guideline for oils and greases,
product development update: increasing PFPE's load characteristics,
two new certifications for Nye clean rooms -- Class 100,000 & 10,000 clean room
2011 September
55 new solvents specifically developed for in-vacuum lubricants,
NyeClean & NyeVac: now registered trademarks
2012 June
56 high-quality synthetic lubricants increase performance in textile industry,
Nye's commitment to the highest quality standards
2013 August
57 conflict minerals policy statement 2014 January
58 our newly designed corporate website,
clean area for manufacturing medical products,
learn from the experts with a lubricant seminar,
next generation low voltage switch grease,
meet our new business development director for North America -- John Evans
2015 February
59 ADVT lab: the road so far,
checking grease quality in corrugating (pressure and preheating ) roll bearings,
Nye clean rooms update
2015 April
60 dispensing industrial lubricants: guidelines from a career dispensing technology enthusiast,
Nye Lubricants its first "how to" video,
lubricants as a key design component,
lubricating exhaust fan bearing in FGD systems 
2015 July
61 improving performance in specialty grease,
quality content updated for website,
NSF-61 certification for two Nye greases,
why should you choose ultrafiltration ?
experimental grease solves automobile industry problem,
featured news
2015 September
62 choosing the right grease thickening system,
Nye on tour with Boston,
ELGI answers your questions on food grade lubricants -- NSF,
Nye has the right package for you
2015 October
63 NyeTube launches new video series,
choosing the right non-soap thickenr,
NyoGel 758G lubricates motor bearings at coal company,
new REM added to our Nye sales team --Ed Dykem,
new product for high vacuum environment
2015 December
64 lubricant testing 101 - copper corrosion,
calcium sulfonate makes its debut at Nye,
all about additives - the role of antioxidants,
working with electrical connectors ? We have a grease for you  !
update to Nye's shelf life plicy
2016 February
65 all about additives - extreme pressure and antiwear,
lights, camera, Nye !
Lubricant Testing 101 - penetration tests,
Why are deviations importnt for Nye ?
2016 April
66 all about additives - anticorrosion & antirust,
Lubricant Testing 101 - oil separation,
Nye Lubricants in space,
world class through quality CAPA programs,
paper presentations 
2016 June
67 Lubricant Testing 101 - evaporation,
new damping grease sample kit,
tribological testing by SRV,
from source to tap,
paper presentations 
2016 July
68 advanced lubricant testing - fretting wear in electrical connectors,
next generation of lithium soap greases,
Why do O-ring seals need lubrication ?tribological testing by 4-ball methods,
upcoming events
2016 October
69 automotive lubricants for electrical applications,
NSF certified from source to tap,
enabling smart technology,
tribological testing by profilometer
2016 November
70 president's message,
sample kit introduction,
NyeTube video production 
2016 recap
71 smooth riding with damping greases,
Lubricant Testing 101 - dropping point,
new bearing tester arrives at Nye,
exterior components braving the elements,
upcoming events -- MD&M West 
2017 January
72 lift off for Nye and Lockheed,
connector solutions for medical applications,
meet our new director of product management -- Kevin Akin,
Halal certification
2017 March
73 lubricating automotive seat components,
grand opening of the applied science and tribology lab,
lubricants in flight,
case study: semiconductor equipment manufacturer
2017 June
74 improving suspension components with the right lubricant,
NASA, the NOAA, and Nye,
semicon & in vacuum - industry lubricants,
mini traction machine comes to Nye,
upcoming events - Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo
2017 August
75 the road to EV Tech with Erik Reis,
high insertion forces drive R&D study,
lubricating automotive seat components
2017 September
76 lubricants in flight : aircraft engines,
high insertion forces drive R&D study,
explore our low temperature grese: Rheolube 1000,
NSF certified for the baking industry,
Nye is IATF 16949: 2016 cerfiied !
2017 November
77 president's message,
corporate video: an inside look at Nye,
industry focused, customer driven: aerospace, automotive, medical & semiconductor,
bridging the gap in tribology with technology
2017 recap