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Since the pioneering stage in 1990 when Dulub was striving for its survival, it’s been more than 20 years. Today’s Dulub is confronted with the challenge of attaining a yet higher goal. New idea and initiatives have been incubated along the way. When Dulub started to procure offices at each branches, the thought of setting up own production facilities has been in our plan, which lead to procurement of 3 facilities at Kaohsiung, Daegu, and Huaqiao Shanghai. We see this initiative of developing own Dulub branding an important turning point for our future development. We are looking forward to Dulub’s transformation from a trading company to a group company with both trading business and production facilities for the third decade. While there exist renowned brands for specialty lubricants in almost every developed country, we also set the goal of becoming international brand of specialty lubricants from Taiwan as our self-expectation.

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