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Business Development

1990 Following establishment in 1990 Dulub gained its first distributorship in Taiwan for Chemie Technik GmbH. Main products are lubricants for offset printing machine, which had been certified for Heiderberg and Man-Roland. This product line has been with Dulub until today, and was the first milestone of growth which nourished Dulub’s survival in the pioneering stage.

1994   the next distributorship for Reiner Chemie GmbH in Taiwan was gained, products including specialty lubricants and forging lubricants. The forging lubricant Lubrodal from Fuch is still being sold today. Selling release agent in the forging industry was the second milestone of growth, which laid the sound business foundation for Dulub.

In the same year, distributorship for Santosol DME (solvent for special baking coating) from Monsanto was gained and the market was built very soon. This was the third milestone of growth, though the product line did not last long owing to price competition from suppliers in China.

1997 was a year to remember, when Dulub gained the Taiwan distributorship for Nye lubricants Inc. with its major market in mobile and electronic industry. The partnership extended from Taiwan into China in 1999, which was just in time for the economic boom in Asia. This was the fourth milestone of growth, and Dulub has stood firm in China since then.

2001 the Nye CP (channel partners) meeting was held in Boston, and all the participants were trapped by traveling control owing to the shocking 911 attack happened in that same week. During the extra-week stay, delegates from Dulub met the owner of Fluoro Technology who was also trapped there. With this opportunity Dulub gained dealership for its water/oil repelling fluoro-coating products. This was the fifth milestone of growth for Dulub.

2008 Dulub took over the distributorship of Nye lubricants in Korea and set up its branch office in Daegu. Business development in Korea has become the sixth milestone of growth for Dulub.

Today, Dulub is operating its business in most east and southeast Asia market. With this network, organization and profession, developed since 1990, Dulub is ready to offer our client solution to their needs in time and in place.

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